On-Call Services


Our On-Call Services Can be Customized to Suit Your Needs.


As UAS rules and regulations enforced by the FAA evolve, so must your organization. At Alpha Consulting, we have the ability and legal know how to ensure your business is always up to date and ready to fly.

Alpha Consulting Group has a fleet of Unmanned Aircraft Systems ready to work for you in the field. We provide live onsite video streamed to a mobile command center.

Some of our rapid deployment on-site services include but are not limited to:

Drones in Public Safety


FLIR can capture imperative imagery for search and rescue, flow path analysis, subject apprehension, utilities inspection and general use.

Drones in Agriculture


Drones are great tools for crop management, inspection, and mapping.  A bird’s eye view gives farmers vast amounts of knowledge and saves time.

Drones in Insurance


A drone can give an insurance adjuster a much larger and more accurate picture of the damage that occurred than they could obtain on foot.

Drones in Construction

School/College Safety

Our “School Package” is all inclusive: drone, two controllers, camera, software, and pilot in command training. Facility is mapped and video fed to police. 

Drones in Construction


Inspections can take many hours or even days and can be very dangerous for workers.  Our on-call drone service can provide accurate data with no risk.

Drones in DNR


Many man hours can saved with the ability to get the big picture very quickly.  From animal tracking to wild land forest fire assessment… drones can help.

Drones in Marketing


Imagine the “WOW” factor a breathtaking fly over video could give a destination.  Whether you prefer video or still shots- a drone can help!

Drones in Real Estate

Real Estate

The high resolution images a drone can capture provides a real estate agent with overall property perspective they would not normally have for their customers.

Drone's in Inspection

Infrastructure Inspection

Drones can minimize the human risk while maximizing efficiency by performing inspections in dangerous areas. Click here to Watch Demonstration.

Drones in DNR


UAS Programs help keep airports safe by detecting bombs in terminals and detecting hot spots on aircraft engines on the tarmac.